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The old site is hopelessly outdated.  


Angler reports have been moved to Wayneswords.net


Find Anglers Corner and Fish reports there.

March 14, 2011 Chet Garling - Bullfrog Stripers

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Got to fish the back of Bullfrog bay Sunday afternoon the 13th and first thing Monday morning, using a fast (really fast 4-5.5 Mph) troll with divers that ran about 8 feet, landed over a dozen stripers  this morning at first light.  There were two distinct schools with one producing 1-2 pounders (which my wife called the nursery)and the other with 4-5 pounders, all were healthy fish, past dome rock on the right hand side in sticks around 20 feet of water. Had some success with some very large smallmouth (3 pound plus) and largemouth over the Sunday afternoon Monday morning period using spinnerbaits and chartruese jigs. Weather was great, what a great way to start the season for us.
Chet and Jill Garling

March 14, 2011 - Drew Kohl - Wahweap Stripers

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Fishing mid-day 11-1pm in Wahweap Bay at the Sand King notch across from State Line ramp. Chummed with anchovies and dropped full anchovies down 40’, caught three 3-4lb stripers. Nice day at the lake.

Drew Kohl


Wahweap Camp site near Sand King. akohl

March 12, 2011 - Mike McNabb - Wahweap Striper

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paulmcnabb We were fishing in Wahweap on March 5th and caught approximately 25 - 30 stripers in a couple of hours. They were in about 30 to 40 feet of water. We used anchovies, dropping them to the bottom and then cranking it up a couple of times. Most of the fish were between 2.5 to 4.0 #'s.


Paul McNabb caught the last and biggest fish of the day. It weighed 8.4 pounds 


March 8, 2011 - Hite

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I just got back from a trip to the north end of the lake. The weather was great, but the water temp was still pretty cool, 42 degrees last monday warming up to 46 in the Hite area. Good Hope got up over 48 degrees in the afternoon. Walleyes were not biting in the same places they were in January so they must have moved on. Large mouth were biting,with the bigger ones close to shore, caught mostly on jerk baits. When jigging with plastics bass were caught as deep as 30 feet. I found big schools of stripers in the back of Good Hopes canyons in 40 to 60 feet of water. Bass took a lot of casting but if I found them bunched up and woud catch up to 10 bass out of the same spot,using different jerk baits to entice them.

I used a chartreuse bomber spoon to catch stripers. It was a kick watching the spoon drop down thru 10 feet of stacked up stripers, but hard to stay on the school with the wind. I hope this helps for anyone going to the lake in the near future.  Gabby

Another great Hite report with pictures is found at this link on the Bulletin Board:

http://www.wayneswords.com/index.php/ww-bulletinboard/8--lake-powell-fishing/3922-hite-report  (Cut and paste this link into browser address window)
Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 08:31

March 3, 2011- Jeremy - Warm Creek Stripers

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c606Hey  Wayne 3 of us took 118 stripers in the mouth of Crosby last Wednesday in 40 ft of water.  We had more than we could handle with the bite starting around 11 am until we ran out of chovies around 4 pm. 


Mike and Mark caught they same fish. They sure were hungry!

c5e4Stripers were in fair condition but this was the best time I can remember.
c604Thank you for all the reports - Jeremy

Last Updated on Monday, 07 March 2011 09:39

February 14, 2011 - WAHWEAP

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Me kirk and my dad and my son went fishing on sunday took off from Wahweap marina and headed over to lone rock cruised around the rock looking for fish not to many so we continued around the point and thru out a big spoon and trolled around the corner immediately catching a striped circled back and tried to spoon up some stripers to no avail.  rascal2
So while we where drifting we passed over group of fish on locator spoons where not working so we cut up some sardines and for the next four hours we caught some nice stripers and then they shut off.  rascal1
So then we took a ride to the end of navaho canyon was awesome glass all the way
Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 09:19

February 17, 2011 - Chris Parish

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chrisp3Hello Wayne,  here’s what we found. The pics are, 1 of my cousin Cooper with the ice chest, 1 of me with the female just under 7lbs, and a graph shot of the back of Navajo when we were hitting em’ pretty good.

Feb 15, 2011 we scratched up 4 relatively nice healthy fish southwest of Lonerock by the small cove but towards the west end near the brush/sand bank in 25-30ft, we had water temp for the 15th in Lone Rock area was between 46 and 48 degrees.  Once you had gone in we went out towards the cut and decided to troll through the no wake zone and saw several stripers in the shallows right up next to the edge of the cut.  They seemed unalarmed and somewhat sluggish so I wasn’t terribly into trying to catch them.......that didn’t matter, as soon as the shad colored rattle trap passed them by at about 3.5mph, they wacked it.  I picked up two on the first pass, so what was I to do but try it again, and then again, and then once more. With about an hour of sunlight left, we decided to head back and had scratched up 9 trolling the cut.  Before we left though we trolled all the way across to the east running the 25-40ft contour near the shallow island to the north and saw very little.  We then moved out into Crosby to check a few spots adjacent to where we had been picking them up last fall and only watched the blank screen, which by that time, we were becoming so accustomed to.  We had hoped that the 25-30 ft zone would show fish here and there as we observed in Lone Rock area, but nada, zip, none!

chrisp4Feb 16, 2011 Well, we did get blown off the lake at about 1400hrs but this is what we experienced.  The sand blowing from the top of the plateau over our heads at Navajo Canyon was the clue, so we boogied on out to the whitecaps and rollers.  So here is the recap........ we left Wahweap at about 0730 this morning after we talked with you and headed for the cut and on to Navajo.  We didn’t see or stick any skinnies in the cut, no worries though, and motored on the beautiful glass surface all the way to the back of Navajo until we hit the 40ft zone and deployed the deep divers.  I don’t think the Lucky Craft Pointer dove to its running depth befoie my cousin Cooper got slammed with our first fish of the day.  Despite the front that was on its way, the weather was gorgeous and the water temp was averaging 48-49 degrees.  We hit six fish in three passes of a 200yd stretch, and boy were we excited.  The quality of fish was a bit better but some skinnies that my cousin Cooper caught....ha, ha.., not really, but had to bust the young man’s chops a bit.  All the while we trolled, we watched the graph and saw the layers of fish from the bottom up to ten feet, again in 23-30ft zone, but couldn’t make the stop to spoon or chum because the last of the first six fish was a 6.5lb’er.  Once we dirtied the area so-to-speak with all of our boat activity we moved in to try and hit them on the wallylures, castmasters, and gulp minnows..........no luck. 

chrispAs I watched my line and spoon bounce up and down on what had to be the heads of the slumbering stripers stacked on my graph, I took a wider reconnaissance of the area a quarter mile up and down both sides of the canyon.  We hit a straggler here and there, but nothing like it was when we first arrived.  A bit flustered, we resigned to breaking out the chovies.  Once back in the 25-30ft zone we held our position with the trolling motor and tossed in our jig heads tipped with chovies.  Again, we watched the graphs as the meathooks bounced up and down on top of the cordwood-stacked stripers and wham, the bite was on.  The wind kicked up a bit and made it hard to hold over the groups of fish (see photo), but we continued to pick one up here and there.  As the bite slowed to a crawl again I couldn’t force myself to hold on an anchor and we bobbed back and forth over the area until the gps was black with our previous tracks.  One of the last fish weighed in just under 7 lbs, a pretty healthy female.  The clouds were really moving above and the faint haze of sand in the air was my final warning and we wrapped it up for a total of 56 stripers.....made it to the dock by 1430 and finally finished cleaning by 1700.  The bellies were for the most part empty, but one nice female had three crawfish.  We really felt like we got away with something given the worsening weather and previous day’s results, but anyhow, that’s what we experienced.  It was great to get to chat on the water with you and talk fish.  I very much appreciate your wealth of knowledge and the willingness of everyone on the forum to share.

Watch your top knot......

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 March 2011 15:08

February 17, 2011 - Danny Vine- Wahweap

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albumWe left the house at around 8:30 bought some anchovies and we the first place we head to is the fishing dock in Wahweap, my friend, Zachary MacDonald, wanted to catch a bass in open water, no structure at all with a double tail chartreuse black flakes Yamamoto 4 inch grub. after about 20 minutes of casting he tells me he has one so I rush over and he has a Striper on the end of of his line, he said he saw a bass follow it in but trusting an 11 year old kid you never know if they are telling the truth or not. So then he flips the striper onto the dock with the biggest smile possible.
I then start chumming with the anchovies and stick one on and drop it enough just enough to where I can't see it anymore. and instantly I get a bite. Zachary throws in one as well while I reel in and we get a double hook up.
Later that afternoon after we caught about 7 striper of about 2-3 pounds a piece we get bored and try to catch largemouth in the brush around the docks, I believe I counted up to seeing about 15 largemouth all in the range of 1-10 feet of water by the brush, I couldn't get a single one to bite whatever I threw at them, Jerkbait, texas styled senko, wacky worm, jig, just about everything I had. so we go back to the fishing dock and catch a few more striper, keep them and had some fish tacos later that day.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 10:12

February 7, 2011 - Kevin Phillips

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kevin phillips with 123 stripersHi Wayne, could'nt stand it, so I went back to Powell this past weekend, and Thursday night was good night fishing, with sardine's, from the slip's. Sam Conger, and I caught 58  and finally gave it up to some young guy's from Draper Utah. We got up at 7:00AM, and headed to Hall's creek, with Mike Wright, and Mike jr. Got there arround 8:00, and the bite was on. We started catching them on spoon's, and when they slowed down, Mike jr started getting them on a Shad colored fluke. So I changed, and went to a Salt and pepper Walleye assassin, and that was the bait for me, the rest of the day. We ended up with 65 more, so it was time to fillet fish. We layed them out, 123 to send you another picture, of saving Shad, in the winter. Sam caught our biggest Striper, a 6lb 26 inch fish.We had several 4lb, and 4.5lb fish, all caught in Hall's creek.

The next day we only got annother 25, but it was still good, just had to work a little harder for them. Sunday we went back, to a real slow bite, so we gave it up early, we totaled 156 for the trip. But we did weigh a 15lb Striper, caught in Bullfrog trolling a Rapala, by Tony, I did'nt get his last name, but I'm sure he will be posting a picture, and name's.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 February 2011 08:17

January 31, 2011 - Marty Peterson

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Ray Schelble and I tried out the fishing in Bullfrog Bay and Halls Creek for no where near enough hours this last weekend. The weather was wonderful and even gorgeous compared to the fog at home. We arrived in time to get my boat certified, it only took a moment, and get out looking for fish before dark. No biters found. But what a wonderful evening.

The next morning we headed over to near “Dome Rock” where the fish were 3 weeks ago. Graphed a couple schools that seemed to vanish before we could catch anything. But used the electric to look around from there, located a school and landed 3 quick stripers. Then a boat zoomed past I guess to check us out and suddenly the fish were gone. So we idled around some more and when a small school would appear I would put the motor into reverse to cut our momentum and not see any more fish marks. Discouraged we headed over to Hall’s and experienced the same result except for one large crappie caught out of 48’ deep water on a custom hair jig.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 February 2011 14:53

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