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The old site is hopelessly outdated.  


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April 29, 2011 - Mike McNabb

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cory62Went up to Last Chance on Thursday first half of the day and did okay. I thought a couple of canyons would have produced more fish but I was wrong. We didn't see any beds in the places we went. The canyon we were in has held many beds in years past. The water temp was still only 57 to 59, 60 in some  of the shallow waters around noon. We caught a couple of 2# + largemouth and about 8 small smallmouth, a few were keepers. We caught them on double-tailed hula grubs and senkos. Then we headed back to a few Striper spots.







cory6We got to Bouy 3, about 2 pm, on the outside curve but it was really slow. So I tried another spot I had seen people at a few days before and it was really hot.  We were catching them one right after another for a few hours. Cory, 8 years old, caught the most and the biggest. We all looked over at him when he asked for help reeling in his 6.1 pound striper. His dad encouraged him to keep working, he could do it all by himself. Cory said his arm was hurting but he did it, he got it all the way in to the boat by himself. His comment was he was going to be sore that night. The next day his mom said yes his arm was sore. He also told his 15 year old brother he could catch the most and the biggest because his arm was to sore to do it today. Most of the ones we caught were 2 1/2 to 4 pounds. This was a really thick, healthy striper. We caught lots of fish and enjoyed each others company and the warm weather, it was a great day.




April 27, 2011 - Danny Woods

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shellywaeThis was Shelley's third time to Lake Powell, the last trip she got skunked. She caught a walleye, small mouth, striper, and got a largemouth about 5 feet from the boat when it jumped three feet in the air, the senko and hook went one way...the fish went the other.







braydenDanny, our guide caught a large mouth in the same spot Shelley lost hers...might have been the same fish! My son Brayden caught stripers and a small mouth.





shellystbI caught stripers and a small mouth. It was an absolutely amazing day. I don't want to sound like a note from a bathroom wall...but for a good time call Danny woods at "this side of that"!!


April 26, 2011 - Kyran Keisling - Grand Slam

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kristin waeI don’t know if you or any of the followers of this site have ever discussed the topic of the Lake Powell Grand Slam or not but in my circle of fishing family and friends it is a big deal.  The “Slam” is a Striped Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye and Crappie all in the same day.  In all the years that I have fished this lake I have only done it once, until last weekend. 





kristinMy fiancé Kristin and I went up to Last Chance/Padre Bay on Saturday and first thing in the morning she put a Walleye and a Smallmouth in the boat.  We haven’t been catching nearly the numbers of Walleye (aka Toothy Meat Tubes) that we were last year and the thought of getting the Slam started swimming through my mind when she landed it.  A short time later I caught a Striper and a Largemouth and we both became dead set on completing it with a Crappie.

kyrankWe fished the brush in the back of Last Chance for a couple of hours to no avail.  I knew of another crappie spot closer to Wahweap so we headed out.  Unfortunately storms were blowing in and we had actually decided to trailer the boat and call it a “Home Run” instead of a Slam. 

At the last minute we both decided to brave the storm and go down wet and swinging.  We got to my spot to find one lone Crappie hanging out in the only bush that was still submerged.  We chased her around the bush for 20 minutes pitching small jigs at her and cussing the rain.  The only thing that we seemed to be doing was scaring the pee-wadley out of her but then suddenly out of nowhere she darted out of  her brush fortress and took my jig.  Kristin and I let out a mighty whoop and slapped high fives on our Grand Slam.  It will be a memory we both will never forget.  I love Lake Powell

kkeislingbcP.S. The Largemouth we caught for the Slam was small so I didn’t get a picture, the one I have included with this email is one that I caught the day before.  I didn’t have a scale but she is one of my largest on Lake Powell. And I forgot to take a picture of the Striper so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 April 2011 15:15

April 24, 2011 - Joe Lako - San Juan Bass

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Joe Lako reported on the way back from the San Juan today that bass fishing was the best he has ever seen in 20+ years of fishing.  Water temperature was 62. Bass, crappie and a few walleye were very active along the mud washed shoreline from Neskahi upstream to the mouth of the great bend.  Largemouth were around shallow brush, smallmouth on the rocks and crappie in the coves with trees and tumbleweeds. Yamamoto senkos and robo worms worked equally well with the best color being brown with purple flakes but virtually all colors worked well. No stripers were caught but not much effort was expended in finding them.

Joe warns that a shallow rock whale exists at the mouth of the San Juan at the confluence with the Colorado River Arm on the downstream side at the entrance to the SJ.  Be very careful and make sure to stay in the center of the channel when turning into the SJ to avoid the rock.

Water warmed up to near 70 degrees in the muddy water upstream from Neskahi Bay on Friday but cooled off with the cold front on Saturday. Not surprisingly fishing was better before the front than after when the water temperature dropped considerably.  Mudline was just upstream from Neskahi Bay where the channel narrows and the Great Bend begins.   


April 23, 2011 - Wayne

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markbassIt has been an interesting weekend. My son Mark (the original Wordling) came home to spend Easter vacation with us and to do some fishing.  We went to Last Chance on Friday where trolling for stripers had been so good.  Sure enough we could not catch one fish trolling in our spot.  Too many lures had buzzed by the remaining fish I guess. But we were able to spoon up enough willing stripers to make it a success. We used some of Dave Wallace's new 1 ounce wally lures (shad minnow). They worked great. That was a perfect size for spooning between 30 and 50 feet. 


But Mark likes to catch bass so we went to the dirty water in the back of the canyon.  Largemouth were right there where they should have been in about 10 feet of the warmest water available. He used a sliding sinker rigged Yamamoto tube in green pumpkin to catch some nice bass.  



markcrappieHe made a comment that it was about time he caught a crappie because it had been a very long time.  Next fish was a very nice crappie which Mark says is his personal best. Fishing was best from 8-10 AM and then died near mid day.

On Saturday we took the grandkids down to the main channel to catch stripers.  We tried Buoy 3 but it was just too rough to enjoy. We caught a striper on the first cast with Grandson Cooper catching his first striper.  But we left after his fish to find calmer water.    


markcoopWe pulled into the cove behind buoy one and put some kids on shore while the rest of us searched to find a vulnerable striper school.  At that point ill fortune took over as my Glastron failed to start -  no spark.  We could't get it fixed so we looked for help.  Robert Hogan and wife came right over and offered to tow us back to the marina. We took them up on the offer. When we gathered up the kids on the beach we found they caught 4 stripers while waiting for us. 



robert hoganMy sincere thanks to Robert Hogan for taking time out of his day and expending his resources to tow me back to the dock. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 April 2011 21:35

April 22,2011 - ThomCat - Slick Rock

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thomcat1Just returned from a great four days at Lake Powell. It felt nice to get away from the cold unsettled weather in the Salt Lake Valley. We caught some nice walleye in the mouths of Slick rock and Iceberg canyons.







thomcatgWe trolled Walley Divers and Rattlin Shads with down riggers. Most of the action was in 22 to 35' deep with lures bouncing off the bottom. We had a hard time finding Stripers during the day but, caught quite few with anchovies in the evening off the back of the boat in some small coves we camped at up the San Juan.





thomcat3I was fishing a surface lure and caught a Bluegill and a Smallmouth at the same time. That was a first! Hope to get back in a couple of weeks when the striper action picks up further north.

Rod and Cathy, Sandy Ut


April 20, 2011 - Philip Roskowski - Otters

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We fished up the San Juan this past weekend.  We saw otters in 2 different locations, one a few miles up from the great bend just as the canyon opens up on the north side.  There was a single otter in and out of the water working along the bank as we fished.  He was relatively unconcerned as we watched him.  Later the same day we were fishing in the canyon just up stream of Neskahi wash and saw at least one or as many as 3 otters along the rock pile on the south side of the lake.  Again it (they) were in and out of the water as we fished.  Quite a fun sight.

We saw gill nets by Piute wash and were wondering what they found.  A link to results would be great.

Fishing was good, not spectacular, for Smallmouth, Largemouth and Crappie.  We caught a couple of hundred between 2 of us on jigs over 4 days.

 Waynes Note:  Netting in the upper San Juan is aimed at surveying native fish. So far they have collected razorback sucker and pike minnow.  That is a good thing.  This lake, which may have the highest population of game fish of any lake in America, also has room and a place for endangered fish. Lake Powell has it all. 


Bass Tournament - April 16, 2011

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duganOn Saturday a bass tournament coincided with the first really warm day of spring. Water temperature tried its best to spike but the best it could do was range from 52-58 F which was not enough to motivate prespawn bass to move up on beds.  As often happens the first really bright sunny day is tougher fishing than expected. Most of the anglers struggled to catch big fish.  Dugan Warner shows off this nice smallmouth caught before he went up the San Juan to rescue antother boater and after he witnessed a rock slide at the mouth of Rock Creek.  Look for a change in the face of the cliff wall between Friendship and Rock Creek next time you go by that way.

melmurphMel and Murph had their normal day catching a bunch of really nice fish in Wahweap and Warm Creek. I am not sure what they used to catch the dogs? I am glad to report they were well behaved and not even wet. I think the dogs are mostly for show and are only used as bait when fishing gets really tough.

Bill Zeglin was the big winner this day. He sold out and went to the San Juan where water temperature was warmer  and bass were much more active. His 5 fish weighed over 18 pounds which is respectable on any lake in America.billzeglin

 Expect fishing for bass and all other species to get much better this week as water temperature climbs above 60 for the first time this year in the southern lake.







April 14, 2011 - Danny Tribble - Good Hope Bay

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Tdtribbleboysook the family and our son's friend for an early camping and fishing trip April 10-13.  Launched out of Bullfrog (Hite was a no go per reports we read on this site) and ran up to Knowles canyon to camp.  We trolled around the mouth of Knowles and surrounding area trying to mark stripers with NO luck the first afternoon.  Did save the evening with smallie fishing. 

Next morning we ran up to Good Hope Bay, trolled for stripers, unable to locate them again.  We made our way to Red Canyon to check there...nothing.  We decided to head up to Striper city.  We trolled deep running blue rapala shad at the mouth White and Trachyte, finally got some action. 

dtribbleboyWe never marked any schools on the fish finder, and the bite was sporatic, but we did get into them.  The kids had a great time.  All fish between 2 lb 15 oz and 4 lb.  Water temp there 57. 

Spent the next day fishing Knowles and surrounding canyon for SMB and LMB.  Water temp 55-57.  The fishing was a little slow in the morning, picked up in the afternoon.  Fish are still pretty deep 15-20 ft, holding to the rocks.  Our son did manage to jig up a nice crappie as well.  The weather was beautiful and there was NO wind (I did not know that was possible!)  Can't wait to get back to LP soon!


Last Updated on Monday, 18 April 2011 07:16

April 10, 2011 - Kevin Campbell - Buoy 3 stripers

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Another day, another cooler full of stripers. Full day trip with 2 really nice folks from Riverside, CA. Started at buoy 3 and it was on right from the start. After a while I broke out the crappie gear and we were taking fish on 1/8 oz Roadrunners and 2" Yamamoto grubs on 1/8 oz heads nearly as well as chovie rigs. After a brief stop at Antelope Point, we ran up to fish Padre Canyon for bass and stripers along the banks with crankbaits. I talked to a couple guys at the cleaning station who were up there on Wednesday and had a good load of stripers to show for their efforts with cranks. Well, the cold front shut that pattern down for today. We spent a good amount of time working rock, sand and brushy banks with only a couple hook ups to show for it. Nevertheless, Padre is a beautiful spot this time of year. We hit buoy 3 again on our way back in and abused them once more. I took a 5 pounder on the 2" Yamamoto grub after a lengthy battle on 6 lb Fireline w/ 6 lb Vanish leader. About 60% of the fish were good enough to fillet. The water temp recovered nicely today, 52 in the main channel and 55 in the Padre shallows.

Looks like a good run of nice weather for the next week or so, the water temps will start to climb a little faster. We should also see an increase in the inflow as well.


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