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Have you made a recent fishing trip to Lake Powell? If you have, please let us know how you did.  Post your fishing report on the Fishing Message Board or send it to Wayne Gustaveson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via E-mail.  Please include who you are and where you are from, dates fished, location, tackle used, species and number of fish caught and any other information you would like to pass on to other anglers.

Our goal here is to save shad by encouraging harvest of striped bass and walleye.  If we do that then all fisheries benefit from the effort.

Keep the reports coming.  I send out high resolution pictures to the media with my weekly fish reports.  If you have a good photo and would like it to be displayed in newspapers and magazines then send it to me.   Be aware that your photo may be used in other locations.

If possible send, first and last name, and hometown. The media likes pictures of kids (include age) and fishergirls. Be creative when taking photos. Change poses and backgrounds. Use the flash in full sun to avoid hat shadow.

Thanks to all who have contributed because it makes it easier for a newly arriving angler to start fishing with confidence needed to catch fish on this huge lake.

If you have a general question try posting on WAYNESWORDS FISHING MESSAGE BOARD.  Thanks to Bartsplace for putting the new message board in place so we can all commiunicate in real time with hot fish reports. 

February 7, 2011 - Kevin Phillips

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kevin phillips with 123 stripersHi Wayne, could'nt stand it, so I went back to Powell this past weekend, and Thursday night was good night fishing, with sardine's, from the slip's. Sam Conger, and I caught 58  and finally gave it up to some young guy's from Draper Utah. We got up at 7:00AM, and headed to Hall's creek, with Mike Wright, and Mike jr. Got there arround 8:00, and the bite was on. We started catching them on spoon's, and when they slowed down, Mike jr started getting them on a Shad colored fluke. So I changed, and went to a Salt and pepper Walleye assassin, and that was the bait for me, the rest of the day. We ended up with 65 more, so it was time to fillet fish. We layed them out, 123 to send you another picture, of saving Shad, in the winter. Sam caught our biggest Striper, a 6lb 26 inch fish.We had several 4lb, and 4.5lb fish, all caught in Hall's creek.

The next day we only got annother 25, but it was still good, just had to work a little harder for them. Sunday we went back, to a real slow bite, so we gave it up early, we totaled 156 for the trip. But we did weigh a 15lb Striper, caught in Bullfrog trolling a Rapala, by Tony, I did'nt get his last name, but I'm sure he will be posting a picture, and name's.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 February 2011 08:17

January 31, 2011 - Marty Peterson

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Ray Schelble and I tried out the fishing in Bullfrog Bay and Halls Creek for no where near enough hours this last weekend. The weather was wonderful and even gorgeous compared to the fog at home. We arrived in time to get my boat certified, it only took a moment, and get out looking for fish before dark. No biters found. But what a wonderful evening.

The next morning we headed over to near “Dome Rock” where the fish were 3 weeks ago. Graphed a couple schools that seemed to vanish before we could catch anything. But used the electric to look around from there, located a school and landed 3 quick stripers. Then a boat zoomed past I guess to check us out and suddenly the fish were gone. So we idled around some more and when a small school would appear I would put the motor into reverse to cut our momentum and not see any more fish marks. Discouraged we headed over to Hall’s and experienced the same result except for one large crappie caught out of 48’ deep water on a custom hair jig.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 February 2011 14:53

January 30. 2011 - Russ Bassdozer

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Feisty winter largemouth continue to oblige those who try.

These chunky brush monkeys hit heavy jigs and Texas rigs fished on heavy tackle in brush-infested shallow water only a couple feet deep. att87682

Last Updated on Monday, 31 January 2011 12:18

January 27, 2011 - Kevin Phillips

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kpcoolerWe made a trip down last weekend, and started out Friday fishing Bullfrog, where we had caught them two week's prior, but couldn't find them anywhere. So we went to Halls Creek Bay, and got into the last of the bite, arround 12:00, and caught 8 Striper's.

So Saturday, we knew where to start, and were there around 8:00. We found fish, where I had left my marker, and there was a good little breeze, just right for the drift. There were fish scatterd all over in 35 to 40ft of water. Between two boat's, we caught 75 nice fat Striper's, by 11:00. Then they just clear out, and we couldn't find them in the deeper water, or anywhere else.


January 22, 2011 - Knightlife

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I'm a bit behind, but the Wife and I had a great trip to the lower lake last weekend (Jan. 21-22). With everyone spending most of their time in Warm Creek, we decided to check out Lone Rock and ended up at the mouth of Lone Rock Canyon just prior to where the rock islands are before the first turn. The fish finders pooped out on me so we trolled near around the area where some ducks were hanging out and picked up the first Striper. We moved back and were able to sit on top of where we estimated the school was and picked up 19 the first day and 21 the second. The largest was 6 lbs. Had a couple of dinks and skinnies in there, but most were healthy 2-3 lb range. Picked them all up on 1/2 oz. Wally Lures (Thanks Dave!) by casting them out and allowing them to fall beneath the boat. A couple of them were spitting up multiple shad when we brought them into the boat. An awesome trip, the Lake was beautiful.


January 27, 2011 - Russ Bassdozer

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russWe've been seeing many stripers all over Lake Powell in recent weeks. Wherever there are shallow, sunny, brushy banks anywhere on the lake, there are at least a few stripers up shallow prowling the areas.

The proverbial "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" seems to be at the end of any intermittent creek, the last hundred feet before the creek runs dry tends to have hordes of stripers up in the sunny, super-heated water that's often less than one foot deep.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 January 2011 11:11

January 7, 2011 - Marty Peterson

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Did some cold weather fishing out of Bullfrog this week (1/4-6).  The 4th we finally started fishing around 3PM. Between 4 of us we hooked 12 quick Stripers and then set out chasing a boil we could see near the shore. In Upper Bullfrog Bay. Our motor spooked them or something. Then two of us set up for night fishing off the back of the houseboat. Fished two hours caught 6 Stripers. 3 skinny. Then the cold told us to get inside.


On the 5th it took till 10:30 before we started fishing after thawing out the boat. The catching was exceptional. We found fish at 70' in the morning. And they were anxious to hit spoons. By afternoon the fish had moved closer to 60' and still were hungry. Between Richard Snow and I we boated around 100 Stripers before dark. All out of the Bay and most on spoons. An ounce and a half Wallylure worked best for me. Two anglers in another boat near us quit fishing a little earlier with 80 on board. Other boats in our group went up Moki and Trachyte. In Moki the Stripers chased rattletraps. In Trachyte they caught a variety of fish.



December 28, 2010 - Nob Wimmer

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MicahNob's grandkids came to visit over the Christmas Holidays. He thought they would really enjoy driving fence posts around his property but after putting in 82 posts they were anxious for a fishing trip. So we took them to Warm Creek hoping to find a school of the little good-eating stripers. It was a short search because Ray Young and his grandkids were already there in one boat and Dana Andrus in another.  We moved in and anchored right next to the other boats forming a circle 'trapping' the stripers in the middle. Ray apologized that the stripers were small. I just grinned. Just what I wanted. 


 The ideal fishing set up for juvenile stripers is light line with either a short shanked jig head or a Carolina rigged circle hook. Drop shot is not as good because the fish are suspended usually in the upper 15 feet so the drop shot weight does not get close to the bottom. I had my regular braided line with fluoro leader and jig head.  I prefer this because I like to keep the line tight and set on the first tick. The technique involves casting out about 20 feet, leaving the line tight and letting the bait swing under the boat as it settles. Or when fish are directly under the boat dropping the bait straight down. Watch it until it disappears, stop it and gently lift it back into sight and then let it sink out of sight again.  Kids love this because they can see the fish swarm around the bait.  OK, I like it too.

My jig head rig worked great for the first 15 minutes but then the fish got wise.  They went into stealing mode where they bump the bait and wait for it to fall off the hook before eating. When they do this pick up the other rod with the Carolina rig which has a free floating bait.  That one falls at the right speed and a light bite can be turned into a hooked fish by letting the fish swim with it.  The circle hook sets best under light steady pressure rather than from a quick hook set.  


Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January 2011 13:48

January 9, 2011 - Ray Schelble - Bullfrog

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triple catch of stripers on spoonsWent to Lake Powell from about 1 p.m. Tuesday, January 4, 2011, through about 1 p.m. Saturday, January 8, with Jason Willard in my boat. During that time, Eljay Gibson, Leroy Humke, Marty Peterson, Richard Snow, Jeff Thomas, Clair Baldwin and T.J. fished part of the time in other boats. Jason and I fished the Bullfrog area on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We fished Moki and Hanson on Wednesday afternoon.
A storm dropped a couple of inches of snow on Monday night. Winds during our time there was mostly calm with occasional light breezes from the north and east. Temps ranged from highs in the high 30s to lows in the teens. Snow and ice in the shade at the docks did not melt while we were there. According to the employees it had been unusually cold for a while, freezing plumbing in a campground restroom and at a house of someone we know in Ticaboo. Drove home Saturday night over Soldier Summit in snow.


Water conditions:

Water surface temp was around 50 degrees everywhere, give or take a degree or two. Water was generally clear, ranging from a touch cloudy in Bullfrog to really clear in Hanson.

Went to Lake Powell from about 1 p.m. Tuesday, January 4, 2011, through about 1 p.m. Saturday, January 8, with Jason Willard in my boat. During that time, Eljay Gibson, Leroy Humke, Marty Peterson, Richard Snow, Jeff Thomas, Clair Baldwin and T.J. fished part of the time in other boats. Jason and I fished the Bullfrog area on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. We fished Moki and Hanson on Wednesday afternoon.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January 2011 13:39

January 10, 2011 - Gabby - Hite

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Headed to the lake new years day weather at home was -14. Arrived at halls,finding my boat was full of snow and the road past the county line not plowed. I made it out to my house boat about 1600. The roof had 2 inches of ice and snow on it and all the tie down lines were froze to the deck. Temp om the lake was 30. Headed to hite the next morning at 0700. Found a campsite by farley and got right to fishing.

The technique hasnt changed much from December fishing, except it has slowed down some. Water temp was 46 down stream and 38 the closer you got to Hite. The mud line is now more than a mile down from Hite. I didn't see any trafic coming out of Hite so I assume it to be frozen. Skim ice formed over night by the mud line so I cant imagine that the ramps are not frozen. Fishing early in the morning with temp around 20 degrees is sure hard on your fingers when fish are hitting one after the other. Hope this report helps for the people wanting to go to Hite.
Last Updated on Monday, 10 January 2011 12:39

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