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Have you made a recent fishing trip to Lake Powell? If you have, please let us know how you did.  Post your fishing report on the Fishing Message Board or send it to Wayne Gustaveson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via E-mail.  Please include who you are and where you are from, dates fished, location, tackle used, species and number of fish caught and any other information you would like to pass on to other anglers.

Our goal here is to save shad by encouraging harvest of striped bass and walleye.  If we do that then all fisheries benefit from the effort.

Keep the reports coming.  I send out high resolution pictures to the media with my weekly fish reports.  If you have a good photo and would like it to be displayed in newspapers and magazines then send it to me.   Be aware that your photo may be used in other locations.

If possible send, first and last name, and hometown. The media likes pictures of kids (include age) and fishergirls. Be creative when taking photos. Change poses and backgrounds. Use the flash in full sun to avoid hat shadow.

Thanks to all who have contributed because it makes it easier for a newly arriving angler to start fishing with confidence needed to catch fish on this huge lake.

If you have a general question try posting on WAYNESWORDS FISHING MESSAGE BOARD.  Thanks to Bartsplace for putting the new message board in place so we can all commiunicate in real time with hot fish reports. 

May 16, 2011 - Bill Zeglin - San Juan - Big Striper

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dennisLast Friday my tournament fishing partner Dennis Johnson caught a monster striper in the  San Juan on a spinnerbait.  We estimated it close to 20 lbs.    Thanks, Bill

May 15, 2011 - Sam Sherwood

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I took the Phx area Moen faucet rep to Lake Powell for his first time there and one of the few times he has bass fished. We arrived Wed evening, 5/11, at 5 pm and chose to stay off the lake that day with the rain showers around and off/on wind. Instead, we visited the dam tour facility and saw a bit of Page, surprised to find the KFC is now shut down.   Thursday morning we headed up lake early in 50 degree air temp with the water in the low 60’s. We killed a few hours in the Rock Creek area fishing top water, spinnerbait, and a shallow crank, catching a few fish on all of them including a striper on TW, but no size to any of them.   After a gas stop at Dangling Rope we were off to camp for a night up the San Juan in the Neshkai Wash area.   

Afternoon water temps reached higher 60’s and it was in the low 80 air temps both Thursday and Friday with little wind. About 3 miles before getting to this basin, the water color changed from very clear to lightly stained and put a damper on bed fishing.   We still caught close to 100 fish p/day but surprisingly the fish were not the size that they have been the past 2 years. Not only were most of them skinny but it was for the most part, back to smaller smallmouth for the most part, of years past. While we didn’t catch as many LM as the last 2 years, they were still pretty plentiful particularly around brush but their larger mouths didn’t fit their smaller bodies.

We caught stripers, SM & LM bass, several varieties of sunfish, & crappie but could never catch up with a walleye. Since my partner had never been to the lake before, we toured around the lake some on Friday including Reflection Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, and another Dangling Rope root beer float tour and then went into Navajo Canyon late in the afternoon to drown some anchovies for stripers. This did work but the stripers were all pretty small so we picked up and spent the last hour near the back of Navajo cranking a bare shoreline in 8’ of water with 2 bushes that turned out to hold the biggest LM bass of the trip (3.4) and several other good LM, some stripers, and SM in a 20 yard stretch.

We decided not to go out Sat morning and headed home early. TW would produce very well in the mornings but fish were mostly smaller than expected. A shallow crank and wacky dead stick Senko’s were pretty good as well after the sun was up. Senko color did not matter so I got rid of a bunch of white & chartreuse ones. The fish were more towards the back of coves and much less around the points. Most of the better bass were in the 5-8’ section of water but there were plenty of guys in the real shallow stuff and not much out past 10’ for us. Sorry, nothing much size wise to take pictures of this trip.


Sam Sherwood

Mesa, AZ


May 15, 2011 - Brian Barsness - Wahweap Bass

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brianb2Hi, I am Brian Barsness, 12 years old and have been fishing Lake Powell my whole life.  My family and I live in Southern Utah and we have a house at Lake Powell.  My dad and I fished all of last weekend, (May 13-15,) and the bass bite was great. fished locally (Wahweap, Warm Creek).  The largemouth are just finishing spawning, but the smallmouth are in spawn and are extremely aggressive.


We found that jigs caught big bass and that wacky style senkos caught lots of fish a little smaller. The smallmouth in the picture had eggs in her and was caught near a spawning flat. I caught it with a watermelon colored double tail hulagrub.

We spotted the largemouth, on the other hand, two days before I actually caught her. The same type jig fooled her as the smallmouth. She was caught right next to her bed.






The natural colors were those working really well. We also caught fish on texas rigged senkos, small swim baits, tubes, and most other plastics.


In conclusion, the fishing was fantastic!


Thanks for the great website, Wayne.


Brian Barsness

Duck Creek Village, UT/Page, AZ


May 9, 2011 - Dan Austin - GHB/Red - Largemouth

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danaustinI just wanted to pass along a report of the Austin Brothers and son fishing report for April 19-23. We made the run to Good Hope Bay/Red Canyon area and found the fishing to be great except for the windy day on the 20th.

We caught numerous Largemouth bass this year, the best in the seven years we have making the trip. The crappie were amazing in size as well. I would guess we averaged 100 to 125 fish per boat(2) a day. Caught several large walleye as well. I did think the Smallmouth were smaller than average. I have attached a picture of the the largest bass caught and released in Ticabo Canyon (By Me!!!). Our scale weighed the fish a 6 lbs 10 oz. Also, we do not try to catch Striper. But we did catch one on the trip. Thanks again for your great website. Its keeps me motivated to know that again someday I will be able to fish Lake Powell with the people that mean the most to me.


Dan Austin

Ruidoso, NM 


May 10, 2011- Scott Meyer -Gunsight

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scott meyerI love reading your reports and wanted to share our good fortune in Gunsight canyon.








scottsmbMy wife, brother, and two friends spent May 4th thru the 7th in Gunsight Canyon fishing for small mouth bass and stripers. Small mouth was good on warm 80 degree afternoons hitting on plastic hula grubs and Rapala crankbait that dove 8 to 10 feet. Over 3 days we caught about 30 small mouth trolling the shoreline looking for rock and underwater tree structures.






smstringWed afternoon proved to be the best striper fishing in the back of the canyon. Water temp was 62 degrees and about 4pm we found a school under the boat. We did a little chumming with anchovies then dropped a 1/16oz weighted hook with anchovies to a dept of 20 to 25 feet and the fun began. We landed 50 in under 2 hours. Stripers were skinny most ranging from the 2 to 4lb size but put up a good fight!







scottmcconnellScott and Julie Meyer from Gilbert, AZ






May 10, 2011- Chas McConnell - LMB San Juan

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chasbigbassHere is a picture of the 7.19 Large mouth I caught around the San Juan arm, using a crappie jig. The fish came out of the water three times and finally ran to a tree.

It was all we could do to get this fish in a net and into the boat. After this picture was taken, she was kissed and gently returned to the water.

This fish reminded us of the great largemouth fishing in the 1980's, where a 5 pound LM was fairly common. I miss those days.

Anyway, the crappie and walleye fishing was also good.

As always, we had a excellent trip to Powell


Chas McConnell


May 9, 2011 Scott Zufelt - Buoy 3 Trout

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szufeltI caught the fish in the attached pic on 5/7/11 along the wall near buoy 3 on an anchovie. It appears to be a trout, but is unlike any trout I have ever caught. It had a mouth full of teeth and put up a good fight. Can you identify what kind of fish this was from the pic?


Scott Zufelt


Waynes Note:  "Looks like  Brown trout to me but its been along time since I have seen a trout of any kind in Lake Powell"

Last Updated on Monday, 09 May 2011 14:44

May 9, 2011 -Matt Madsen- Bullfrog North

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Fished out of Bullfrog from the 4th to the 7th.  Water temps started out in the high 50's on Wednesday and hit 64 by Saturday.  Little or no wind on the 4th and 5th,  afternoon wind on the 6th and 7th. 

Fished north of Bullfrog around Knowles, Cedar, and Warm Springs.  Fishing was slow in the mornings, but picked up in the afternoons.  ON the 5th, we caught mostly Largemouth in the morning.  Fish were on a variety of Crankbaits and grubs.  While not targeting Walleye,  we caught eight each day.  They were up and hit both grubs and cranks.

Only one striper was caught on the trip, about a 5lb female. Her eggs were green.

Weather was warm in the 80's, coupled with mild winds, it was one of the best trips I have ever had at Powell.

I would recommend that people target the Walleye right now.  They are up and feeding pretty heavy.  I did not take any crawlers,  but a half a crawler on a 1/4 oz. jig head, worked on the rock slide/slick rock transitions, should produce pretty good catches of them right now.

Baits used were a variety of grubs, smoke sparkle, greens, and browns on 1/4 oz. hds.  The cranks were mostly shad colors, medium to deep runners.



May 9, 2011 - Marty Peterson - Bullfrog

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Arrived on the evening of the 3rd. Stopped in at the fish cleaning station to gain info. Several anglers there with walleye. Only one with many stripers. Stripers caught trolling just the right lure at just the right place we were told. We did not have the right lure because we trolled up only a few fish over the next two days.

The wind came up some on Tuesday night, so we nightfished just inside the tires at the slips. Brought in no shad or fish. Wed. morning woke up to boats from a tournament. So we joined them up Bullfrog Bay and picked up a few small stripers and walleyes mostly on anchovies. Spent the afternoon trolling in Halls. Picked up one healthy striper and a crappie.

Nightfished upper Bullfrog on Wed. night. Caught one small striper on topwater just before dark and one striper on bait. Again brought in no plankton or shad. Awakened by overly friendly tourney anglers again Thursday morning. Was only 39 degree air that morning. And the water dropped from 62 to 56. Managed a few fish during the morning but our best fight was a foul hooked carp. Did see a lot of small largemouth fleeing nesting areas about everywhere there was flat rock. 

Turned those fillets into fish tacos and even at about $2 per fillet it was worth the trip.  Marty Peterson.


May 6, 2011 - Don Nix - San Juan Stripers

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donnixWayne, the photo is me (Don Nix) and one of the 70 plus Stripers we caught on a trip to the Southern end of the lake on May 16 and 17th. My fishing buddy Bill Bell and I are from the Bayfield, Chimney Rock, area of Colorado and have fished the lake for many years but never sent in fishing information before. On this trip we decided to fish the Southern end. After a short visit to Mike Sticker (Stix) in Page, we headed to the dam area. No luck on the graph so worked our way up to the San Juan. 

After graphing for an hour or so we started finding a few schools on the canyon points. Using anchovies to get the fish started, we then kept them going using 3" spoons. The fish were not in the best of shape but one out of every 3 had a good fillet. The weather was in the low 70's and we couldn't have asked for a better trip. The fish ranged from one to 4 lbs, with the smaller ones having the best fillet...We plan on heading back in the next month to the North end and will let you know how that goes.......Thanks to all you input over the years Wayne......


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