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Have you made a recent fishing trip to Lake Powell? If you have, please let us know how you did.  Post your fishing report on the Fishing Message Board or send it to Wayne Gustaveson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via E-mail.  Please include who you are and where you are from, dates fished, location, tackle used, species and number of fish caught and any other information you would like to pass on to other anglers.

Our goal here is to save shad by encouraging harvest of striped bass and walleye.  If we do that then all fisheries benefit from the effort.

Keep the reports coming.  I send out high resolution pictures to the media with my weekly fish reports.  If you have a good photo and would like it to be displayed in newspapers and magazines then send it to me.   Be aware that your photo may be used in other locations.

If possible send, first and last name, and hometown. The media likes pictures of kids (include age) and fishergirls. Be creative when taking photos. Change poses and backgrounds. Use the flash in full sun to avoid hat shadow.

Thanks to all who have contributed because it makes it easier for a newly arriving angler to start fishing with confidence needed to catch fish on this huge lake.

If you have a general question try posting on WAYNESWORDS FISHING MESSAGE BOARD.  Thanks to Bartsplace for putting the new message board in place so we can all commiunicate in real time with hot fish reports. 

May 21, 2011 - Michael Perez- Crappie

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perezbcHere’s a picture of a massive crappie that was caught on May 12, 2011 by Cassey Kern of Castle Rock, Colorado on a chartreuse cranck bait in Good Hope Bay. The fish was 14 1/4” long, no weight taken. Fun, fun, fun…



Michael Perez


May 18, 2011- Steve Henline - Stripers

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South Lake Report 16, 17

ryan12May 16
Fishing continues to be great. The morning was spent fishing for walleye and smallmouth. Bottom bouncers and grubs were the ticket. 6 Walleye, none large all around 2 lbs. Great eating size. 3 dozen smallmouth 1 to 1 ½ lb. 4 stripers incidental to SM fishing.

Targeting stripers in the back of the canyon. Started trolling Storm deep diving thin fins. The bite was definitely on. When the smoke cleared we had boated around 30 stripers either trolling or casting crankbaits. While we were trolling we had a double and both were big fish. With light rods we couldn’t control either. One broke off and the other we chased and fought for 15 minutes before it too, unbuttoned. The biggest fish we caught and landed was slightly over 8 and the two we lost were definitely bigger.
The striper had gizzard shad cornered and it was a mini boil for a few minutes. We didn’t have any top water lures lined, so we threw the crank baits we had on. The fish we caught were fat and healthy and a few were bulging with gizzards. We wanted to stay and hammer them but had to be back to the dock early. All in all it was a great day.

17 May
We were busy most of the day, but decided to go back and see if we could find more of the fish that broke us off yesterday. Arrived at 5:00PM to a choppy and windy canyon. Put out four lures and started trolling. Double then a triple immediately. Shotgun lure was a big top water. I was at the helm and Captain Ryan running the lures. 15 minutes after five, a big striper blew up on the surface lure. 10 minutes later she was in the live well bleeding out. 12-pound male.

We took all of the lures out of the water save the big top water. From that time on we ran one lure and one rod thinking that we would pick up more big fish. Not to be. Several over 5 lbs, but no more hogs. Quit at 7:00 and returned to Antelope Point Marina, hoping to fish for walleye under the big moon, but it was too windy. Called it a day. 31 stripers. Had we run 4 lines that count would have been much, much more, but we were more than satisfied with the fish we had, If we get a chance, we’ll be back trying to catch something over 20 lbs.

 Calm seas Tight lines, Captain Steve

The fish turned out to be a male. Actual weight was 12.6 on a scale. Length was 29 inches girth 18.75. Bite was top water while the stripers were chasing spawning shad. We hope to be back after them this PM. Calm Seas
Captain Steve Henline and Captain Ryan Thurner. Antelope Point Outfitters


May 19, 2011 - Ed Gerdemann - Wahweap Bass

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edgstory1Although Lake Powell is generally blessed with great weather, occasionally the elements do force us to alter fishing plans. That happened to my fishing partner John Conrad and me this week. It was our plan to have two long days on the water, running up-lake to Last Chance for at least one of those days; however high winds not only kept is close to Wahweap on both Sunday and Monday, they also abbreviated our time on the water. Nevertheless we still managed to get on the water and catch some very nice fish.


edgstory2When we put the boat in the water at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday the lake was completely calm - a far cry from what was to come. I was hoping we would be able to stay out until at least noon, but in case the wind came up early I decided we would fish along Lake Shore Drive. This area would be somewhat protected in case the wind came up early. It turned out to be a good move as we got five hours of solid fishing taking around 25 smallmouths. We didn't get any really large ones, but we got enough "eaters" for a fine dinner. Most of the fish caught were up on the tops of flats and ledges getting ready to spawn. What was very frustrating was the number of short strikes we had. I hooked and lost nearly twice as many as I landed, and John was missing a lot of fish as well. Unfortunately the wind started blowing around 9:15, and by 10:00 a.m. it was blowing too hard to fish.

edgstory3We filleted the fish we kept and retired to my Greenehaven mobile and listened to the wind howl all afternoon and well into the night. Monday morning we awoke to breezy conditions, however the wind was coming from the northeast which was the opposite from where it was blowing Sunday.  
With years of experience watching Lake Powell weather and wind patterns, I did not believe these northeast breezes would be the prevailing winds for the day. I figured that once the sun was up they would die off and calm conditions would prevail for awhile. Then the wind would shift to the southwest and the big blow would begin. Just how long the calm would last I did not know, but I was hoping it would last longer than Sunday. As it turned out I was right on both accounts, and we enjoyed a much longer and nicer day.

After launching Monday morning, we motored through the Castle Rock cut to fish the islands just beyond the cut. The first thing I noticed was the water temperature had dropped five degrees from the day before - from 63 to 58. We had been fishing for about a half hour when I hooked my first fish of the day - a decent 13-inch smallmouth. John followed with a 16-incher, and immediately after he landed that fish I caught our only striper of the trip. Shortly afterward I caught a 16-inch smallie of my own and soon followed with a two-pound largemouth. Another boat was working the area and had already fished the water ahead of us, so we decided to motor back across the cut and try the Lake Shore drive area that had produced for us Sunday. It turned out to be a good move as we got into the fish again, only on Monday they were much bigger. John and I caught a number of 13 to 14-inch fish, with one of my smallmouths going around 2 1/2 pounds. I also caught a 3-pound largemouth, and John got a nice walleye. When the wind finally forced us back to the ramp at 1:00 p.m. we had taken 18 total fish - not as many as Sunday but the quality was much better. We only caught two that I would consider "dinks." All the rest were decent sized fish. The action improved as the day wore on. The water temperature had risen from 58 to over 60 by mid-morning, and I believe that helped the fishing.

edgstory4As with Sunday, most of these fish were up on the flats; however we did catch several fish that were under protruding ledges off steep walls. I caught one nice smallmouth in nearly 30 feet of water under one of those ledges, and the bigger largemouth came from about 20 feet down. Although a majority of the fish were up shallow, it did pay to fish the entire water column.

John tried a number of lures including tubes, Senkos and grubs; however I fished both days exclusively with a Yamamoto Shad Shaped Worm fished on a drop shot rig. As is often the case, watermelon was the best color. The best presentation was a slow drag with lots of pauses. All but a couple of strikes were very soft pressure bites. A number of times the only alert I had to a strike was the line jumping or moving sideways. I did not actually feel anything until the hook was set.

Hopefully this will be the last of the bad weather for my fishing season. My last trip of 2010 was marred by high winds as was my first trip up in April. I feel I'm due some good weather for a change. Hopefully that will happen next time.


May 18, 2011 - Shane Spravzoff - Padre Bass

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ruizlmbI had the pleasure of fishing the lake last weekend with good friend and local fishing guide Scuba Steve Ruiz.  Its been awhile since Steve and I have fished together as he is training to become a murse.  Steve's nursing skills may not be up to par yet as he has a one year left in school, but he is definitely still on top of his fishing game!

shanesmbWe motored on up into Padre Bay on Friday and were greeted by loads of hungry smallmouths.  The fishing were more than willing to take a 1/4 tube jig in smoke or pumpkin color fished in 4 to twenty feet of water.  Once again we caught the grand slam, walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, and stripers (no crappie on this trip).  The smallmouths were located on chunk rock and the largemouths were in the trees.

spravzlmbSaturday morning was a bit stormy but had an awesome sunrise, ( I included a pic of the sunrise with gunsight butte in the background).  The stormy weather only improved the fishing as the bass went on the feed with wreckless abandon.  Once again tubes and hula grubs in pumpkin or smoke did most of the damage, with a few fish falling for crankbaits as well.

shanesceneSunday morning we fished our way back to Wahwheap and once again put the smack down!  We even caught some great fish in Wahwheap bay.  We got off the lake around noon as the wind was just beginning to start cranking.

I included some pics of Scuba Steve with a striper and some hawg largemouths!  Give him a call if you wanna go catch some fish and or do some scuba diving!  I included some smallmouth pics of myself (Shane Spravzoff).

sssunsetNow is the time to get up there!  The fishing is great!
Tight Lines,
Shane Spravzoff

May 18, 2011 - Jerry Dawkins - Walleye - Cedar Canyon

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Fished from Cedar Canyon to Ticaboo Canyon and caught limit and a half of walleyes and numerous smallmouth bass.  I targeted rockslides and points. Most of the walleyes were caught using crankbaits in shad patterns that dove about 12 feet deep on a long cast. Most of the smallmouths were caught on Yamamoto grubs. The highest water temp I noticed was 66 degrees and the stained water was down to Cedar Canyon. - Jerry Djerryfish.

May 18, 2011 - C-BASS - Tag Returns

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tagreturnsWe set off from Hooper, UT last weekend with high hopes of catching a lot of stripers the following two days.  A great friend, who would meet up with us later, was kind enough to lend us his '94 Natural Gas powered, straight 6, 2WD F250, which altered our route a bit due to the whacky CNG locations but the detour was well worth it in savings and good company.  This was a first for the two of us and part of our adventures always include the thrill of not knowing quite what to expect.  We arrived near Wahweep around 10:30 pm and found a nice turn off to catch a few Z's, which didn't quite happen due to the overabundant excitement and anticipation for the next day.

tagscatchWe spent a good amount of time checking the updated words from the good folks on Wayne's website leading up to our trip which proved to be a tremendous advocate to our success.  Limited to short time on Friday I didn't quite have time to read the latest report from Wayne so I printed it off for the ride down.  The report revealed that there was fantastic fishing still to be had but the section that caught my eye was the announcement of the Cabela's nationwide contest leaving 15 tagged stripers in the reservoir linked to a possible million dollar prize.  Knowing that there are millions of fish in the lake, catching one of these tagged fish seemed merely impossible.


The rest of the crew was able to catch up with us the following morning.  After a quick bite to eat we headed for the marina to launch to boats.  The ranger was kind enough to confirm the good news of fast fishing discovered on the website.  Our two groups split up into different spots to improve our chances of finding a school.  The first hour proved to be a bit disappointing for my group since we didn't have so much as a bite, however, there was much hoopin' and hollarin' across the way from our other group so we decided to join up with them.  Shortly after, we landed our boat's first striper of the trip.  However, this wasn't your ordinary striper, it had a slender little yellow TAG near its dorsal fin!!!!!!!  Can you believe it, the first fish in the boat was tagged!!  The thought of a chance of winning big took us to a place beside ourselves, I mean this is comparable to the anticipation of the old wedding night, well ok not quite but close.  After somehow calming down a bit we were able to get back to fishing.  Three fish later, another tagged striper!!  Two out of five fish in the boat were tagged.  It doesn't end there…four fish later, tagged.  Three of our first ten fish were carrying a little bling on their shoulder.  Unbelievable!  What a start to a fantastic time down at the lake!  All this happened within a fifty yard stretch in about an hour.


May 18, 2011 - Shane Spravzoff - Crappie

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I had the pleasure of fishing the big pond on the weekend of May 7th with the two Steves, Steve Spravzoff and Steve Knecht (my brother in law and my father).  We had pretty good weather and enjoyed some decent fishing on the lake.

stevesbcMy Dad is a crappie fanatic and told me he was going to catch some crappie on this trip.  He wasn't lying!  I had a hard time getting them to bite on my large bass jigs but my Dad had no trouble tricking them with a 1/48 ounce tube.  I included a picture of my Dad with his first crappie of the trip.  I also included a pic of him with a largemouth.

stevesteveIn the world of billfishing they call catching four different species of billfish a grand slam, and five different species a super slam.  My brother in law and I both completed the super slam on Lake Powell this trip, twice over!!!  We both caught smallmouth, largemouth, stripers, walleye, and crappie!  Lake Powell is one of the few lakes I know of where this can be accomplished!

stevesprazWe camped in Friendship Cove and spent most of our time fishing the Rock Creek area.  Most of our fish came on hula grubes or tube jigs.  The water temperature got up into the mid sixties in the afternoon.

I included some pics of the steves with crappies and walleyes.  I also included a picture of myself (Shane Spravzoff in green tank top) with a large male crappie.

stevestevewaeHope the report helps.  Catch em' up!  
Shane Spravzoff
Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 09:15

May 17, 2011 - Rayno Seaser- Rincon Walleye

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raynopattyHusband and wife, Rayno & Patty Seaser, caught this pair on Friday, May13, 2011, within minutes of each other off the main channel near the Rincon. We were fishing with white jigs in 20' of water. You're right once again, the time is now!


May 16, 2011 - Steve A - Navajo Canyon

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4 of us fished at the upper end of Navaho canyon on Friday for about 3 hours.  We were striper fishing with anchovies and did well.  We had about 35 fish in the 2 to 3 lb. class, but all were very skinny.  Caught 3 catfish approx. 2 lbs. and a few small stripers.  Saw many boats on the way up the canyon, all fishing ledges as your report suggested.  It looked like they were doing good too!  Great weather and great time by all.

Last Updated on Monday, 16 May 2011 20:15

May 16, 2011 - Bill Zeglin - San Juan - Big Striper

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dennisLast Friday my tournament fishing partner Dennis Johnson caught a monster striper in the  San Juan on a spinnerbait.  We estimated it close to 20 lbs.    Thanks, Bill

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