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Have you made a recent fishing trip to Lake Powell? If you have, please let us know how you did.  Post your fishing report on the Fishing Message Board or send it to Wayne Gustaveson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via E-mail.  Please include who you are and where you are from, dates fished, location, tackle used, species and number of fish caught and any other information you would like to pass on to other anglers.

Our goal here is to save shad by encouraging harvest of striped bass and walleye.  If we do that then all fisheries benefit from the effort.

Keep the reports coming.  I send out high resolution pictures to the media with my weekly fish reports.  If you have a good photo and would like it to be displayed in newspapers and magazines then send it to me.   Be aware that your photo may be used in other locations.

If possible send, first and last name, and hometown. The media likes pictures of kids (include age) and fishergirls. Be creative when taking photos. Change poses and backgrounds. Use the flash in full sun to avoid hat shadow.

If you have a general question try posting on WAYNESWORDS FISHING MESSAGE BOARD.  Thanks to Bartsplace for putting the new message board in place so we can all commiunicate in real time with hot fish reports. 

June 14, 2011 - Koby Hubbs - Lake Canyon Stripers

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kobyhubbs2We had such a fun scout trip two weeks ago, we decided that our families should experience the fun fishing too.  We arrived on Wednesday the 8th of June, but it was getting dark so we didn’t start fishing until Thursday morning.  We returned to the mouth of Lake Canyon and started catching fish almost where we left off last trip.  By 11:00 we had over 30 stripers in the boat.

I love fishing the mouth of Lake Canyon because you can stay in the shade until almost noon.  The fish were biting on the shadow line and we just tucked in the shade and cast into the sun for some great fishing.  I saw several other fisherman either in the sun, or further into the shade who didn’t have much success.

We returned there to fish every morning with the same results.  We averaged 30-50 fish every morning until there was no more shade.  We then spent the next several hours filleting the fish while the kids enjoyed playing, swimming, and relaxing (tanning) in the sun.



kobyhubbs3Kanyon Gasser strikes again with the largest striper of the trip.  This makes two trips in a row where he has caught a huge striper.  I was watching his technique to see what the secret is for catching the big ones, but I haven’t been able to detect his subtle secrets.  I did realize that he is very committed to fishing.  He keeps at it even when no one has caught a fish for half an hour or longer.

It seems that the fish bite in surges.  We would have a slow period of 20-40 minutes followed by 5-10 fish in 10 minutes.  We would have multiple doubles and triples during the hot spell.  We did run to the mouth of Annies Canyon one day and found great fishing there as well.  Hope this helps. Thanks again to all who post reports of where and how to catch fish.   Koby Hubbs

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 18:44

June 13, 2011 - DJ Tanner - Hite

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This was probably our 5th trip to lake Powell, usually we go October or November and always have lots of success at Hite. Even after reading reports saying to avoid Hite we still figured we'd give it a shot. We always troll at about 4mph on my dads wooden sail boat that he built using DD22 and usually catch about 100 stripers over a 3 day period and always look forward to coming back. Well this year, first time going up in June, once we hit the water we realized the fishing wasn't going to be the best but we stuck it out, all day saturday we trolled down lake hoping to find some clear water empty of debris and with no current but the lake was scattered with logs and debris. lost alot of lures on snags and didn't catch a thing.

Sunday the water and debris were still coming in strong the weather was hot, still no fish but we got in some good sailing and enjoyed some cool water. we left monday morning and still the water was no better, water probably came up 3-4ft over the weekend. We always go to Hite to avoid the crowds but this time i think that was a mistake, still enjoyed the beautiful scenery but for those hoping to catch some fish Do Not go to Hite, everyone we talked to went home skunked except for maybe a couple cat fish and a walleye. 


June 13, 2011 - Wes and Gayla Orrell Gunsight Stripers

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andrewWe took some kids out on Tuesday for their first time fishing Lake Powell.  After brief instructions on using the equipment, they got right on the fish catching.  Shortly, we had walleye, crappie, catfish, and striper on board from back in Gunsight.  We caught a couple more fish at the Warm Creek wall, and in no time at all, our half day trip was over.  They liked fishing so well they had to go out again on Wednesday.  This time we caught another walleye and striper up Gunsight before heading for Navajo Canyon.  Here we were able to land eight more striper.  By the second day, our six year old guest was casting, catching and landing fish all by himself.  He was more than happy to do a photo op for everyone.
wesgoOn Saturday, we took a family of six out for Father-Son Day.  We fished Navajo Canyon, the intake, and Antelope Canyon.  The stripers weren't as eager to take bait as earlier in the week, but everyone on board was able to catch fish and went home happy (and a little sunburnt).
Gayla & Wes

June 12, 2011 - Mike McNabb

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mmc6122011We went out again Saturday morning and fished in the Wahweap Bay area. We

hooked into 1 walleye, 1 LM, and 7 SM using senko's and hula grubs in 6 to

14 feet of water around submerged bushes. We went to bouy 3 and caught 7

stripers, all but 2 were really healthy fish.






mmc6122011bThe weather was great but started to get a litlle warm around 11:30. We went back into Antelope Canyon and caught a nice SM, 1 3/4#'s.







mmc6122011cWe had a great time fishing and visiting and

enjoying beautiful Lake Powell.

Mike McNabb


June 10, 2011 - Mike McNabb -Wahweap Bass

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mmc61011We went out this morning, 6 to 11, and stayed in the Wahweap area and did

pretty good. We used senkos and hula grubs in stained water around bushes in

6 to 10 feet of water. We had to cast out many times in many different

places to find the fish.







mmc61011bIn about 3 1/2 hours we caught 2 stripers, one LM -

3.0#, and 6 SM and missed a big LM. We had a good time visiting and the

weather cooperated with us, a beautiful morning.

Good fishing,

Mike McNabb


June 9, 2011 - Mike McNabb

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budannaI went up lake with 4 people from Montana, Bud, Anna, Krystal and her boyfriend Carter and their 3 cute little dogs, they thought they were in Paradise! It has been really cold up at Montana this winter and they were really glad to be on Powell for a week on their houseboat. The dogs were great on the boat! Two of the dogs wanted the fish everytime we got one in the boat, they tried to bite 'em! It was cute, good dogs!  We had a good day catching 7 LM and lots of SM, 4 of the SM were big enough to keep and 4 stripers. We were using watermelon Senkos with black flecks rigged up weedless so we could fish the bushes in about 6 to 14 feet of water.

This family checks your website just about everyday always following the reports and going crazy waiting to get here to Powell. They are here and off to a great start with todays fishing. They will be glad to see their pictures on your site. I have been really blessed to have so many great customers to take out fishing. I really enjoyed their company and the weather was perfect, it made for an all-round great day!

Good fishing,

Mike McNabb


June 9, 2011 - Ryan Mosley - Navajo Stripers

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ryankobyGood to see ya on the water the other day!

We had a great trip on the Lake, whether we were swimming, tubing, or putting the hurt on some stripers.  It was a nostalgic trip for me, being it's been about 10 years spent a lot of time fishing or working on the lower lake.  I still think Navajo Canyon is the prettiest canyon on the lake and it's one of my favorite spots to fish.

mosleyaxelundWe found some stripers in the back of Navajo, where main channel depth was about 55 ft.  After marking several along a break coming off a 30-40 ft deep flat, we tried pulling cranks with no success.  We stopped the boat, dropped the electric, and started jigging with Gulp minnows and spoons.  We picked up a couple on Gulp minnows, but had a lot of lookers/no-hitters.  Finally, my buddy Erik from Page dropped a jig loaded with anchovy and got a couple of fish.  We broadcasted  some chum, marked it with a marker bouy, and tipped our jig heads with anchovy heads. 


livewelliceThe action really picked up and stripers were coming all the way up to the boat to hit the chum!  Before we knew it, we had gone through a bag of anchovies, filled the live well with 27 fish, and had to make the ride back to the marina to clean our catch.  Our gear was simple- 1/4-3/8 oz jig heads with a chunk of anchovy.  Upon cleaning the catch, stomachs were empty (except for chum) and all but 6 fish had quality fillets.  Water temp was 66F.

ryanmosleykobyIt was a good catch trip and it was good to see my 11- year old son Koby, put some stripers in the boat.  At one point, someone said "it seems like it's slowing down", my son quickly replied, "I think it's because they're all in the live well!"  Good times!


June 8, 2011 - Ed Gerdemann -

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edgerdeFor the fourth straight trip the wind cut my fishing trip short. The first time was my last trip of 2010 at the end of October. On my previous trips this April and May the wind forced me off the water before I wanted to go. This past week once again cruel fate struck as the wind once again sent me back to Greenehaven well before I was ready to leave the water.

My partner on this trip was my good friend Dale Marenda. Fortunately Dale has fished with me many times at Powell and understands the risks when it comes to weather. Over the years we've had far more good weather than bad, so a trip with fishing time cut short was not overly upsetting to him. I think it bothered me more.

Sunday morning was actually beautiful and calm - at least until the boat traffic started moving. We motored up into the channel between Warm Creek and Gunsight to fish a large bay on the left side. Things started slowly there, but when we got to some offshore reefs the action really picked up. We found lots of smallmouths holding on the sheer drops right where the water turns from shallow tan to deep, dark blue. Fishing straight down along those sheer drops produced a number of decent smallies that were just waiting for a drop shot Yamamoto Shad Shaped Worm to come falling by. In addition to dropping straight down, short pitches parallel to the drop offs also proved to be a good presentation. We found the fish holding anywhere from 12 to 22 feet. We tried deeper, down to 35 feet, but got no hits.

When boat traffic in the channel made fishing difficult, we motored down to Navajo Canyon. I had not fished Navajo for bass for several years and wanted to see what was happening there. Unfortunately the answer was not much. We fished along the walls and rock slides just below the double islands managing just a few fish. When the tour boat and other traffic made holding the boat too difficult, we motored back up into Warm Creek to fish the area around the double islands just east of the Castle Rock Cut. The boat wakes that made the fishing difficult also stirred up some mud lines, and we were able to catch a few bass and one striper underneath them. By around 1:30 p.m. the area was so rough from wakes, it was getting hot and we were getting tired; so we decided to call it a day. I was hoping that with reduced boat traffic on Monday we would be able to get up lake to either Padre or perhaps my favorite haunts in Last Chance Bay.

But when we arose Monday morning and turned on the weather radio, we learned that wind warnings were in effect for mid to late morning on through the afternoon into the evening. We decided that not only would we stay in Wahweap Bay, but that we would stay on the launch ramp (west) side of the bay. I was hoping the wind would stay down until at least 10:00 a.m., but that was not to be. We motored around Wahweap Marina and pulled up to a rocky bank just west of the marina. We were into fish almost instantaneously. Over the next two and a half hours we landed around 15 smallmouths and lost nearly that many more. They were ranging anywhere from 12 to 20 feet deep on the broken rock substrate. We tried shallower and had a few hits and we tried deeper but had no luck. As with Sunday, the drop shot Shad Shaped Worm proved to be the ticket. The best presentation was a very slow deadstick.

Around 8:00 a.m. the wind started to blow. By 8:20 it was blowing too hard to hold the boat in that area. We motored back around State Line ramp and found some relatively calm water on the north side of the artificial gravel bar along a high bank with broken rock substrate at the bottom. We got in another 15 minutes of fishing catching a few more bass until the wind got so bad I couldn't hold the boat even in that relatively protected spot. We motored back to State Line where I had a very interesting time trying to get my boat on the trailer in a vicious left to right crosswind.

Despite our abbreviated time on the water, the number of fish caught per hours fished was fairly high. I believe the bite was much stronger Monday than it had been on Sunday. If the wind would have held off a couple more hours I believe we would have caught 35 to 40 fish. Because of the rapidly rising water, I expected the bass to be much deeper than they were. ?But, as mentioned earlier, the deepest fish we found were around 22 feet; and most of what we caught were between 12 and 20 feet. Beforehand I figured 20 feet would be the starting point, and we would go deeper from there; but that was not the case. The moral of the story is it pays to fish the entire water column - when the wind allows, that is.

June 8, 2011 - Mike McNabb

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682011bOn June 4 we went into the Padre Bay area looking for anything. The fishing
started out slow. We were fishing by 5:45 am. With the lake coming up
quickly it makes finding the fish difficult sometimes.







682011mmcWe caught the LM in shallow water and some in 14' of water next to bushes. We were using Senkos and grubs. We managed to bring in 6 LM and 4 SM (one keeper) in a few hours.









682011groupIt was a beautiful morning on Powell with great company.

Good fishing to all,
Mike McNabb


June 7, 2011 - Bryan Beckstead - Wahweap Stripers

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bryanbeckstead2We had another Great trip on Saturday the 4th of June. We fished on the west side of the dam at first. There were 4-5 boats there so we went to the East side to try things out. The bite was slow, all of the boats left so we went back over to the west side. We chummed and were catching fish steadily for about 3 hours. The bite started at 12:00 noon or so, it wasn’t really fast action but steady.





bryanbecksteadThe fish were really Healthy. We got Great Fillets, they averaged 4-5 lbs and as I said they were really healthy, a lot better than Last week. All in all we caught just over 40 fish and ended up with 2 gallon ziplocks full of beautiful fillets.

Thanks for the Website. My brother Wayne is holding the single fish, I am holding the stringer full at the cleaning station. My Father (Dennis and Wayne )were there too…. Waiting for the fish to bite.

Bryan Beckstead


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