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Home Lake Powell Recreation Area Hikes Labyrinth Slot Canyon- May 6, 2011

Labyrinth Slot Canyon- May 6, 2011

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labslotLabyrinth Canyon is the first canyon on the right after the narrows breaks out into Padre Bay. The canyon winds to the south and narrows toward the end finally ending on a sand beach. The hike into the slot on this day at water level 3613 with rising water featured a gradually swallowing lake that had to be accessed by small craft or wading.


The walk up the sandy slot was easy. The canyon narrowed shortly after  the lake ended. The bottom of the slot is sandy. Both sides can be touched by extending the arms. In fact, the winding adventure required keeping a hand on one wall or the other to keep balance as the bottom of the slot is only the width of the foot in many  places.   


The prettiest section is closest to the lake. The canyon opens in a spot or two then closes down and gets even narrower.  There are rocks lodged in the canyon  in the second section that have to be scrambled over. Sand turns to rocky bottom as the distance from the lake increases. 

On this day the canyon was dry with only a puddle or two that could be crossed by stepping on stones put there for that purpose.  We walked for about 3 hours round trip covering perhaps 2 miles one way.  There was still plenty of slot canyon left to walk when we turned around but it was getting to be much the same on the far end.


carloslotThe best part of the slot hike was close to the lake. wwslot