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Home Anglers Corner September 30, 2017 - Conditions changing

September 30, 2017 - Conditions changing

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It was the worst of times and then the best of times...sort of


Bryan Weight and myself gave Lake Powell a go on Thursday, 9/27 & the morning of 9/28 with mixed results. It was the worst fish catching trip in recent memory but if you liked rain and a cool wind, it was quite nice on Thursday. We'd planned on heading to the San Juan but... We waited on the launch ramp 90 minutes Thursday morning until the wind calmed down enough to let the whitecaps diminish some and off we went thinking it was much better than it looked like but after passing through the Castle Rock cut, reality set in along with a bumpy ride and before long rain joined in to add some spice. We went to Dungeon Canyon to start with and once arriving, wished we'd brought a kite to be more successful at something as not many fish wanted to cooperate with top water baits or plastics. I'd really hoped to find a lot of good shad balls with fish on them during this trip but neither this spot or any other proved to be up to my spooning appetite. A total of 3 fish were caught on spoons, one striper and 2 small SM.


We then trolled in this area and picked up fish regularly but only going one direction as going back the opposite way produced nothing. A sunken island close to DR Marina produced a number of SM on drop shot and ned rig but no size and leaving here to go in the back of the north cove produced nothing but one LM on TW. We headed back to 'haystack corner' in the main channel and caught more SM on plastics from 8-25' humps but again nothing much but small guys. Friendship Cove produced nothing so off to Padre Cove we went, hoping for a repeat of the spooning bonanza of a couple of years ago. While I could graph shad from 25-80' I showed little fish feeding activity on them and only one striper was caught, speed reeling up through the group. The wind never really quit all day so I never quite put the shore splashing sound together going on 60 yards away for some time before I focused on the noise and found it to be striper boils up against the rocks in the back. We spent the last 45 min of the day catching 3 lb stripers about as fast as we could.


Thursday morning we went right back to the same spot and were immediately on TW stripers again but it was short lived so we moved out a little ways and found what looked like a good shad school to work in 30-50' but it produced only 1 small SM. We decided to go around to the RH side fork of the cove and stopped on a likely looking bush point only to see stripers again pounding shad up against the rocks in the far back of this cove as well. After about an hour of catching/loosing as many as the two of us could, they disappeared and once again we went on the striper search mission with our spoons, only to have just one more small SM caught. We could find the shad balls ez enough and occasionally a few fish on them but we could just never get the underwater apocalypse happening that I've found in years past. We headed home at 9:30 feeling a bit perplexed about the spoon bite not coming together for us but I'll just have to solve that mystery next trip.


Sam Sherwood

Mesa, AZ