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Home Anglers Corner September 15, 2017- Cottonwood to Cha

September 15, 2017- Cottonwood to Cha

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Good morning Wayne:  We just got home yesterday from a wonderful week on Lake Powell.  I think September is a fine time to be at the Lake!  Warm days and perfect temps at night.

As usual we took off for the mouth of the San Juan and made camp just South of Llewellyn Gulch and fortunately the cove we were in was full of shad!  We fished behind our boat morning and night and caught numerous SMB and Stripers without even moving the boat.  I even caught a Walleye behind the boat.  We stayed there for 3 nights and fished from Cottonwood Canyon to Cha Canyon in the San Juan but the best fishing was where we were camped.  We decided to head towards Dangling Rope on Tuesday and made camp directly across the lakefrom DR.  We fished all our hot spots in that area and the inlet just East of DR we again found tons of shad and tons of SMB and Stripers willing to entertain us.  As usual we caught too many SMB to count, 30 stripers, 5 LMB and 1 Walleye.  Unfortunately many of the stripers were still thin especially the ones around 24" it seemed the smaller ones were the healthy ones.

Also the SMB are healthy and strong, they put up an amazing fight, many we caught were 1 to 2 pds and we had a few that broke our 8lb. test line, or maybe we just should have retied?  One gets a little lazy when almost every other cast you catch a fish.  Thank you Lake Powell, no place like it!  We used our usual single tail plastic grubs 5" in white or chartreuse, 4" shad colored tubes with 1/4 to 1/2 oz jig heads  and I actually tried the 1/4 oz Kastmaster and caught most of the stripers with it. We fished most backs of coves or inlets anywhere we found structure or weed from on shore to 30 ft. deep.  Like you said Wayne the boils have turned into small groups of stripers that you catch on surface briefly or on shore in the weeds at dusk or dawn. Sorry we can't make it back again in September and will probably have to wait until next spring to be back.  Lake Powell is a Blast!  Thanks again Wayne for the Great website!