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Home Anglers Corner August 28, 2017 - Big Fish for 10 yr old

August 28, 2017 - Big Fish for 10 yr old

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kodacarothers_edited-1  Hey Wayne, this is Cody Crothers I went to school with your son and I am in town for a month visiting my parents all the way from Sri Lanka.  We are staying out on the lake and have been fishing everyday. I really appreciate your reports to help me start patterning the fish after being gone the last 3 years.  



Well from Mammoth mountain to here my 10 year olf son Koda has been out fishing me on an extreme level.  Pictures attached.   Well today I finally figured out the the small and large mouth bass are not up in the sallows but rather on deeper structure, so we would troll until we got a hook up "no fish finder" then stop and fan cast the area.  Well as Koda's 5 foot ultralight trout rod with a 2" mid diving white bomber lure loaded up I figured he had a healthy striper but to my surprise it was the biggest smallmouth I have ever seen face to face.  Didn't have a scale or a tape but I recon it was pushing the 4lb mark.  Gotta love when the student surpasses his teacher.  Thanks again for what you do.