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Home Anglers Corner July 26, 2017 - Tapestry Wall

July 26, 2017 - Tapestry Wall

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Fishing for small mouth was extremely effective along Tapestry wall using a texas rigged 3" senko (with a small, 4 sized EWG hook and a 1/8oz sliding bullet weight) in green pumpkin with black fleck.


Biospawn 4.5" plasma tails (also green pumpkin) were even more effective rigged the same way.


At poison rock you can see 6-20" smallies on the rocks, and can frequently catch them off of either a texas rigged or wacky rigged green pumpkin 3" senko (they'll hit a bigger size, but hook up ratio is terrible unless you use something small).


Tube jigs were less effective than senkos, even using an identical color and retrieve.