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Home Anglers Corner July 5, 2017 - Bullfrog Report

July 5, 2017 - Bullfrog Report

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My son and I got to fish over the 4th of July weekend.  We spent our time between Hall's Bay and Moki.  We figured it was a good omen when saw a boil from the ramp as we unloaded.  We fished for bass and stripers the first  day. We found a few boils/slurps and caught a few stripers out from the Bullfrog ramp.  We went to Stanton Canyon intending to fish for bass but ran into more stripers and chased them for a while.  The last part of the day we fished through the Hall's houseboats and Hall's Bay looking for stripers.  We didn't find fish around the houseboats, but we did in Hall's Bay.  We used silver Kastmasters almost exclusively.  We threw top water lures, but had no strikes. 

The second day we went up Bullfrog looking for boils.  We found a fair number of stripers, but couldn't get them to bite. By 9:30 the wind came up and added to the chop of the boats, we left Bullfrog and went to Moki and fished for bass.  We caught 2 walleyes. 1 bluegill, 1 LMB and about 40 SMB.  Most were caught on a Yamamoto green pumpkin double tail hula grub fished slowly 15 to 25 feet deep.  We caught a couple on a white Senko worm and one SMB on a Kastmaster.  We tried a couple other colors of grubs, but didn't catch fish with them.  We had our most success in rock piles we knew were there but are covered with water. 

The last day we went back to Bullfrog looking for boils.  We found lots of action.  We were on fish until about noon; about half boils and half slurps.  We found some groups of fish simply would not bite.  Other groups were automatic bites.  So we finally threw lures at a school a few times and if they didn't bite we moved on.  Again, we caught them exclusively on Kastmasters.  We caught about 50.  We had one really frustrating experience.  A boat cruising by was so close they went across my line and tangled it in their propeller.  We headed back to Moki to fish for bass and found numerous boils out from the Bullfrog ramp and caught a few more stripers.  We eventually made it to Moki and caught a few more bass. 

A thank you to my uncle who first took me to Lake Powell fifty-some years ago.  He passed away two weeks ago at 91 hooking up his boat to go fishing.