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Home Anglers Corner June 19, 2017 - South Lake bass and stripers

June 19, 2017 - South Lake bass and stripers

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coldren1My dad, Rex, and I went on our first LP trip early June (June 6-10) and had some pretty good results.

The first day we headed out to Mile 25 and ran into some graph and water pump issues that threatened to end the trip before the first fish was caught. Fortunately for us, the bilge pump was working fine, so we decided the leak wasn’t going to keep us from fishing. We started at the brushy inlet south of Gregory and caught a good amount of SMB in the first hours of the morning including two SMB on the first two casts - a promising turnaround from the scary start. After being distracted by a slurp close by, we headed to Last Chance in search of more stripers and SMB. We ran into a few slurps but only managed one striper. We motored back to our personal favorite rock slide and found SMB at 25 feet, but the bite was slow, so we left.













coldren2Day two, we started at the inlet at Gregory and focused primarily on fishing the rocky points at 20-30 feet of water. The SMB fishing was just as good as the day before with consistent hookups by casting shallow and dragging the grub on the bottom with little to no action added. We turned for the mouth of West Canyon where we began with a double hookup on two sizable SMB on the first two casts on submerged shoals. Fishing the slopes of the slick rocks on the East side, we managed to land another 20-30 SMB and one walleye on single tail grubs and grubs with the tails chewed off. We fished our grubs until they couldn’t stay on the jig head any longer. We mainly fished colors in baby bass and brown which worked equally well.


The final day we went to the mouth of Navajo Canyon in search of stripers. We found a school just outside the mouth that offered up a handful of stripers and some catfish caught on bait as well as more SMB off the rocky points. We were directed here by another group of anglers from California that had had success at this spot the day before.


Overall, it was a great trip. Hopefully, we will be back soon when the striper action picks up on the top. Thanks again for the info.coldren3

Last Updated on Monday, 19 June 2017 18:13