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Home Anglers Corner June 14, 2017 - Navajo stripers

June 14, 2017 - Navajo stripers

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Made our annual trek to Lake Powell and fished June 6-9 with good success but not quite as many stripers as last year.  In five days of fishing, the four of us kept and filleted a little over 280 stripers, one walleye, and a few catfish including one in the ten pound class.  The stripers were not as active on the points behind the double islands in Navajo as in past years.  We certainly caught a few there but the bite was sporadic and would be good for an hour and then shut down.  We also found many thin fish there comprising about 33% of the catch which is high compared to the 12 prior week-long trips we have made each year in the past.  We made one run up to Last Chance and fishing there was very slow as well.  In the past, we trolled areas where we metered fish and once we hit a spot with active feeding fish, we would go to that location and try bait fishing. 


2017powell02Catch of stripers by trolling was also off a bit.  We were fortunate to run into an angler from Colorado who had found good fishing just outside the mouth of Navajo on the south side so on Thursday we tried that area and really did well having our best day with a full ice chest of 97 fish.  Only about 5% of the fish in this area were thin and the overall size was much better averaging about 2 pounds instead of a mixture of 1/2 pound fish with larger ones in other areas.  We found a number of crayfish in the stomachs of the stripers including quite a few juvenile crayfish we had not seen before.  On Friday morning out we did see some slurps at the junction of the main channel and Warm Water Bay.  We did not stop on the slurps due to quite a bit of boat traffic.  Bait fishing with anchovies was the most effective method.  We did try using striper chum and cut striper as bait but noted it was much less effective than anchovy.


Todd Tognazzini, Paso Robles, CA