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Home Anglers Corner June 10, 2017 - SJ to Escalante

June 10, 2017 - SJ to Escalante

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We just came home from a wonderful week on Lake Powell. With the rising water we found out it was difficult to find a camp spot with all the houseboats in many of our favorite spots. We made camp across from Ribbon Canyon for 4 nights and fished from mouth of San Juan up to Escalante. As usual the SMB fishing was great but a lot of them were dinks. We saw a couple of slurps in the area but couldn't get close enough to fish them but still caught a number of lone stripers.  My husband caught the lunker LMB in the picture just west of Cottonwood canyon on an inlet wall, that was a thrill. We also caught a number of Walleye in that area. We moved to Dangling Rope area after that and fished that area for two days. On the way there we came upon two slurps between Rainbow Bridge and Cathedral Canyon we did manage to fish those and landed several stripers. The other LMB I caught just west of Dangling Rope close to shore in rocks & brush that was another big thrill! The fishing seemed to be better in the afternoons until the wind came up which made fishing a challenge to say the least. Lots more wind for the weekend so we headed home. We caught 21 Walleye, unfortunately none with tags, 14 stripers, and 12 LMB using Yamamoto 5" single tail grubs in White/silver flake and 4" shad colored tubes with 1/4 or 1/2 ounce jig heads.

We fished from on shore to 30 ft. deep wherever we found structure, brush, or shelves. It was a great trip a little warm in the middle of the day so we went trolling, but the nights were wonderful. Thanks again Wayne for the great website!