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Home Anglers Corner May 6. 2017 -Stripers at the dam

May 6. 2017 -Stripers at the dam

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We fished Friday and Saturday along the walls by the Dam. We arrived at the dam around 9-10 am both days.On Friday we fished the west wall all morning and when things slowed down we moved over to the east wall and the opposite on Saturday. We were fishing for Striped bass and really just wanting to get out of the house now that remodel projects are complete! Our style... was simply slow troll along back and forth about 30' off the wall and pitch to the wall and let it pendulum swing back to the boat. Some times the fish would actually bring it back to the boat for us:) Some times they would grab it at no more than 10' deep and sometimes they would wait until it stopped the drop. We found that a tight line was best to feel the slightest bump and set the hook. We watched as many boats pulled up fished awhile with little success and then left. The bite is so soft right now that most of the guys (and gals) that stuck their rods in rod holders probably wouldn't even know they had a bite;) We actually even caught fish not more than 2 minutes after boats pulled away without success. We held the rod in hand to "feel" the bite. The rise and fall of the boat from the waves along those walls is simply too much to see a bite the way they were this past weekend in my opinion. Not a lot of meat on them right now as you know. We managed to get 4 gallons of fillets in the two days. I'm sharing this in hopes that others will help us slim down the stripe population to help them grow.

phillipfaulk2One anchovy on a 1/4 oz jig rigged just behind the eye socket, no chumming, tight line, rod in hand, 10-40' deep and lots of ice water for the veins and sunscreen was what worked for us.

45 striped bass on Friday and 40 stripped bass on Saturday but we ran out of anchovies and decided to go take a nap.

Also caught 4 catfish and 4 small mouth on Saturday of which went back in to grow for another day. 

Dylan Williams & Phillip Faulk

Page, Arizona