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Home Anglers Corner January 31, 2016 - Last Chance New Years Celebration

January 31, 2016 - Last Chance New Years Celebration

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We visited Last Chance the day after Bob Reed reported his awesome fishing trip success. 




lcgraph1We searched for deep stripers in 60 feet of water and found one small school on the graph.  They were cooperative when the spoons were deployed.
















lcgraph2When a striper school is aware of other fish feeding they move toward the action.  The whole school arrives shortly after the first fish is caught.















danalcOn this day the fish in deep water were not abundant so we went to shallow water in the back of the canyon.  We began by trolling medium running lures in 25 feet of water.  Hookups were quick with only about 2 minutes of trolling before the next fish was caught.  As that fish was reeled in we cast lures and caught more. When the fish moved under the boat we dropped spoons to the bottom at 20 feet.  Catching was continuous.  The fish were quickly loaded in the 150 quart cooler. 



















But some jumped out as the cooler filled up and landed on the floor and on a tackle box. That was okay. I think when a tackle box smells like fish the lures inside work better.