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Home Anglers Corner October 23, 2016 - Shallow stripers in Warm Creek

October 23, 2016 - Shallow stripers in Warm Creek

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Fresh back from 3 days of catching and wanted to share what we observed. A buddy and I caught all the Stripers we cared too- in the BACK of Warm Creek bay on Thursday. Thousands of Striper are schooled up near numerous schools of bait-we could have caught hundreds if we chose too...aided by the use of anchovies perhaps...then, it would have been all over. We preferred to target the most active Stripers by casting and trolling lures...we trolled, watched the graph, and hooked up frequently with willing fish. We targeted shallower water areas of the bay where my Bombers crankbaits run to 12-14' deep at 3.2 mph.

 We left the vast majority of schooled fish unmolested as we observed numerous bait and predatory fish stacked in water deeper than we cared to fish. All of our harvested Striper came in from 30' of water or less. We avoided trolling the deeper diving lures-which I assume would have worked equally as well. So much fun to be had in the shallows-more than once Striper in the 3lb. range could be seen smashing the lure next too the boat on the retrieve...those fish are fast and you need to be ready! I had a Striper or two whack my lure at the end of the retrieve just before I lifted the lure out of the water...now that is exciting!

 Each of the side canyons off of the back of Warm Creek held fish too. Size of fish varied significantly (lure size fish up to 5#). The larger fish should be heavier and seemed less energetic-still reasonably healthy but not skinny...at least not yet. We culled a few large fish but kept numerous in the preferred table fare sizes.

 The sweet spot for us were the juvenile through 3lb. fish which were numerous and feisty. We don't target while angling but to use a term my friend Tim has posted more than once...we found the "Mother Lode". Tim "Striperholic" has had great success targeting Striper in Warm Creek over the last few weeks so I figured I'd go check out what all the excitement was about. We enjoyed the health and fight of the fish caught.

 We left the schools actively hitting crankbait's in Silver and White. Striper than we could handle with Additionally, we did well with SMB and LMB too, but all of those were caught in and in and around Wahweap Marina.