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July 22, 2016 -Boys Fishing

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Well then here is our report...


We went down with the family for our biennial Lake Powell trip. My boys JJ (11) and Nick (9) were excited to get down and do some fishing and spent hours at the store picking out lures that they thought would work best. Not being the best angler myself I was excited for them to start younger than I did at 33. Unfortunately for me (not the fish) because of the heat they decided that playing on the water toys and only fished when the younger kids were in bed. We did get out one day but came up empty (again this is because of my lack of skill and not the boys).


Still a memorable trip and we are looking to make it an annual event instead of dreaming about it for a year in between.


Attached is a picture of JJ with the blue gill and Nick with a carp that they caught on the same fly.