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Home 2016-2017 Lake Powell Tagged Walleye Contest! July 11, 2016 - First tagged Walleye

July 11, 2016 - First tagged Walleye

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Jared Beckman and Marc Frederick called Wayne Gustaveson (435 691 0963) on July 8 and reported the capture of the first walleye in the Lake Powell tagged walleye contest.They were fishing together in Bullfrrog Bay near Stanton Creek when walleye 2586 was captured on a bottom bouncer and night crawler.  Here is their report: 

On 07/08/2016 while fishing near Stanton Creek in Bullfrog Bay with my friend Jared, he caught the first tagged walleye.  Jared fishes for walleye regularly in Kansas. I told him I don’t usually have much luck in the summer in Lake Powell but he was convinced “He” could catch them! Well Jared was right, in 3 days we caught 30 walleyes and countless striped bass, catfish, small and large mouth, and even a few sun fish.  We used 1 ½ oz bottom bouncers with Mack smile blades. Red and silver were the most successful colors, combined with slow death hooks, and a night crawler. We caught walleye in 10-30 feet of water and trolled between 0.8 -1.2 mph.   The combination proved irresistible.






jaredbeckmanJARED BECKMAN



Here you can see Jared holding his fish with the red walleye tag in the middle of the back under the dorsal fin.  When you catch your walleye, take a picture of the fish with the tag in the back. Then read the tag number. It would be best to take a picture of the tag so the number is visible.


With picture in hand, contact Wayne Gustaveson or RIchard Hepworth with the tag number.  Write a short report including where the fish was caught, what lure was used and any helpful information that will lead others to capture more walleye.  Your reports will be listed on this page.


We now know that walleye can be caught in the summer - not just in the month of May. There are more walleye in the northern lake with Bullfrog hosting the most tagged walleye. Slow trolling a bottom bouncer with a live worm attached may be the best technique, but trolling a banana lure allows the anglers to cover more water.  We will keep track as the contest progresses but right now the bottom bouncer is leading.


Congratulations to Jared for the first walleye. Now its up to YOU to catch  the next one.     






Last Updated on Monday, 11 July 2016 19:08